The Night Skit Night Went Wrong

We learned a hard lesson in marching band that year. It was skit night and we were all gathered together for a night of frivolity and celebration of the end of band camp. Everyone was mainly seated according to our respective sections, I was with the trombones. I was new to band that year so I didn’t know quite what to expect.

The drum major came onto the stage. He was a saxophone player Manchester before making it to the head honcho position of leader of the band. The skit started innocently enough reenacting a moment from the tough week we’d endured. Suddenly all the players onstage decided to smash their instruments on the ground. It was more shocking than funny. It turns out they not only destroyed the instruments but the stage as well.

That was my first and last skit night. It was canceled going forward. We were deemed untrustworthy.

The Right Sound for Cocktail Hour

Last year, while attending a friend’s wedding, my wife and I were taken aback by the simplicity and beauty of the wedding’s cocktail hour entertainment. The ambiance for the event was set by a single wedding violinist that truly enhanced the occasion. While the music was fantastic, it never overwhelmed the guests that were enjoying drinks and casual conversation. In other receptions that we had attended in the past, full bands provided excellent music that was appropriate for the occasion, but the guests regularly had to raise their voices above the volume of the music. In this particular case, the soft music augmented the experience of having a few drinks and conversing with friends. After the cocktail hour, everyone was ready for a great dinner and the full ensemble’s performance for dancing and the real celebration.

How I Lost My Hearing

As a guitarist for a local rock band in Florida, I knew that one day my hearing will soon fade away. However, I never did anything to try and prevent it. I loved music and people would always find me wearing headphones and listening to some kind of music. The nice thing about being in a rock band was that I was always the “center of attention,” until I started to feel like I just couldn’t hear the music that well anymore. At first I thought that it was all mental, but then I started to really see the difference when people would talk to me and I would have to ask them what they said. This is when I researched about hearing aids Stockport and how they can help me with my situation. After a couple months of searching for a decent doctor, I finally got my hearing aid and I am now back on stage.

Getting Your Brand Experienced

Have you ever gotten goosebumps thinking about your business and what it can do for other people and for yourself? Does your business have moving power? Would you like it to move consumers? Experiential marketing has the potential to make waves in your business endeavors. It is a brilliantly thought up way of advertising that helps get your product or brand out there by using multiple senses of the human capacity. We have more capability than to see and hear, so why not use that for your business’s benefit? To get consumers to want more they must feel an emotional attachment which is another great part of this way of marketing. Connections keep us linked with friends, family, coworkers, and even our favorite cashiers at our local grocery stores. Why not try it with getting your business out there more? The sky is the limit. Don’t limit your business potential. It grows with the water you give it.

Capitalizing on Appeal

You may have seen the girls dressed in skimpy outfits falling all over different products that seemingly do not seem to go together and wonder why they are there in the first place, but the reality is that they are simply there to draw in your attention. In fact, you may not have even had any thoughts about the product or the business at all if you had not noticed that there was a woman dressed in very little amounts of clothes, although there is no denying that attention was sparked because of the tactic. This is something that was discovered a long time ago and the reality is that promo girls, of all types and spanning across all sorts of various industries, bring in a lot of attention and are therefor an integral part of any business marketing technique that simply wants to capitalize on what most people want to see anyway.

The Local Candle Maker

I am always curious and want to learn new things. My wife and I were shopping at the local flea market the other day, and I was chatting with a booth owner while she was making her selections. The man who ran the booth was more than willing to chat as it was a slow day.

I asked about the candles and where he bought them because the packaging was so professional. Each candle was in its own plastic case and had their logo and company name on it. I asked him how he did that. He said he used a contract bagging company to make the packages for him.

He told me how his wife made the candles. There was a large selection, and he was more than proud to show off her handiwork. He said she loved to make beautiful things and had always made their home a wonderful place to live. They had both retired and wanted new challenges in life. This booth at the market was their way of supplementing their income and starting a new chapter.

My Rock Solid Love Story

I have never been more surprised in my life than the day my husband proposed to me. We had only known each other a couple of months and were falling madly in love, but I still didn’t expect a proposal so soon. We met at work when we were both educational researchers for a science museum in our county, and I think it was love at first sight when I saw him get excited about a new shipment of fossils that arrived in our lab.

I was leading a group of school children through the museum one afternoon when I stopped in front of a case filled with cristobalite. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, got down on one knee and proposed in front of the group of a couple hundred people. Once I got over the shock, I said yes. We have now been married for almost twenty years.

Growing flowers inside is easy

My mother has had a blank, boring living room wall for years. After trying various pieces of artwork, none of which looked good in her minimalist room, she decided to look at living walls. Nothing more than a wall-mounted planter, an indoor living wall showcases plants and flowers. After looking at photos on the Internet, my mother decided she would like one.

She went to a gardening store and picked out some ivy, along with a flat of vibrant flowers. She then bought a small trellis, some lightweight plastic planter pots, and spoke to one of the staff about the equipment needed to set up a small living wall indoors.

Back home my mother directed, while my husband and I created her living wall using nothing but a trellis, a few plastic planters and a simple hydration system. A few months later, and it really does look lovely.